i've been a bad blogger lately
so sorry
things are going well
just life

and i haven't been online much at all
too much else to do
i suppose

happy holidays
thanks for stopping by
so sorry...real life has gotten in the way of my online time.
don't ya hate that?!



Currently (here in the Southeast) gasoline is more rare; and certainly more valuable than this 478 carat diamond.

There is no gasoline here... anywhere... and hasn't been in over a week now. And local politicians promised last week that the gas shortage would be over in a few days (by last Friday). Now they are saying it will be another 2-3 weeks before things are back to normal.

When/if you can find a rare jewel of a gas station that actually has fuel here; they ration how much you can buy (at $4 a gallon). Plus there are at least 40 cars lined up, and police directing traffic at the gas station. It's crazy.

I'm thinking about packing up the car and moving to Arkansas. I hear they have real live diamond mines there...and maybe even some gas?


I am currently watching America's Most Smartest Model. There is nothing I could write that would be funnier than this show...

And btw, it's not that the models are stupid...(well a couple of them are)'s that the Show is stupid...the challenges are stupid, the questions are dumb...just everything about it ridiculous and comical, but I don't think it is supposed to be...